All about Russian and Ukrainian women

  • 3 myths about Russian and Ukrainian girls seeking a man abroad.

    Ukrainian girls seeking a man abroad. Myth No. 1. Russian girls do not care if the man is 30 years older than them.

    Many men who want to get acquainted with the Russian or Ukrainian women think that they are willing to marry men who are 20-30 years older than them.

    If this is how you think, I have to disappoint you, this is not true. Yes, it is true that in the 18th century in Russia, 18-year-old girls were married to 40-year-old men. But it all changed dramatically after the revolution of 1917. The equality between men and women was proclaimed in Russia. Women began to participate actively in public life and marry their peers. At present, many Russian women are looking for a man with age difference not exceeding 5 years.

    Statistics in Russia

    27% of marriages are contracted between people of the same age.

    In 33% of marriages, the wife is younger than her husband by up to 5 years.

    In 14% of marriages, the husband is older than wife by 6-10 years

    In 6% of marriages, the husband is older than wife by over 10 years.

    In every fifth marriage, the wife is older than husband.

    sanctions against RussiaMyth No. 2. In Russia, people live very poorly, so Russian girls are ready to marry the first comer.

    It is true that wages in Russia are lower than in Europe or the US. But comparing wages in euros or dollars is not entirely correct. Russia has the highest standard of living among the former Soviet Union countries. The average wage of a Russian women is about $ 400-500. Of these $ 500, $ 50 is for residential rental payment, $ 10-20 for public transport, $ 150 for food, $ 70-50 for clothes, $ 20 for entertainment, and $ 180 for other expenses. Although the wages are lower, the utilities are cheaper in Russia; there is free medicine, cheap gasoline, accessible public transport, and affordable food. Russian girl earning $ 500 per month can afford about as much as a Parisian girl with a monthly pay of $ 1,400.

    After the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia, the standard of living in Russia has decreased, and the dollar exchange rate against the ruble has risen almost twice. Therefore, it has become expensive for Russians to travel abroad. Now many Russians prefer spending their holidays in Russia.

    Yes, it is true that many Russian women live modestly, but not to the extent where one dies of hunger and would rather marry a man old enough to be her father.

    Russian men are alcoholicsMyth No. 3. All Russian men are alcoholics.

    In Russia, there is a different culture of alcohol consumption. If the French or Spaniards drink wine in small quantities every day, the Russian men almost do not drink during the week, drinking a lot on holidays instead. Vodka is a traditional Russian drink, but this does not mean that all Russian men are alcoholics.

    The peak of alcoholism in Russia was at the end of the 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed. At this time, a lot of cheap alcohol was supplied to Russia. It was a very difficult time for the majority of Russians. Factories were shutting down, people were losing their jobs; they did not know how to feed their children. Many men became depressed, and they treated their depression with alcohol. Yes, it is true that some of these men eventually became alcoholics. But the situation has changed. It has been almost 20 years.

    In Russia, there is economic stability and a very low rate of unemployment; people make plans for the future, go on holiday, and have fun. In this regard, the level of alcohol consumption has declined sharply. People are drinking more wine and less vodka. Alcohol consumption in Russia is decreasing every year. According to statistics, people drink less in large cities and more in towns. This is due to the fact that in large cities, the standard of living is much higher. A healthy lifestyle is now popular among young people; people go in for sports; most young people have a higher education and a decent job.


    If you are looking for a young Russian woman, who is young enough to be your daughter, then prepare for a long search. A very small percentage of Russian and Ukrainian girls agree to such a relationship.

    If you are 60 and dream of a young 30-year-old woman, you should offer her a lot more than a young 35-year-old man can offer.

    1.       You must have a good appearance.

    2.       You must be in a great shape.

    3.       A good education is a pro.

    4.       You must have a major bank account.

    5.       You must love traveling and spending money on your girlfriend.

    6.       You must give your woman expensive gifts.

    What about love, you ask? If you want true love, be realistic and sensibly evaluate your potential. If you unable to find a young woman in your own country, then it is unlikely that you will find one in Russia. The maximum age difference must be about 10-15 years. The smaller the difference in age, the more women will want to meet you. Russian and Ukrainian women are good looking both when they are 40 and 50. With such a woman, you will not doubt that she has fallen in love with you for your money, or for an opportunity to leave her country. There is a smaller percentage of divorces in couples with a small age difference. You will have common views on many important things. Such Russian wife will be happy to just lie on a coach with her arms around you watching TV, rather than ask you out on a noisy disco party at three o'clock.

    Good luck, Olesya.

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Nice thoughts, Thanks to share this.

I'm 56 she is 30 I look good she looks amazing our sex was fantastic even.more so for her. We went to Italy and she could not keep out of the shops. I bought here some expensive items it wasn't enough to for her she left me and blocked me from her life. I do believe her older sister may have had her hand in this. I want her back but I will have to wait. She has no money or car and lives w her mother and aunt in Russia I live in Miami i offered to send her to School and live w me. She said marriage soon I was ok w this but now she is goone, says I'm greedy and I'm an adult man and she is a young girl I was supposed to buy all for her. I probably would have but my card got locked up for security and Italy is difficult once again in bed I really turned her on.
So basically you are saying all Russian and Ukrainian girls are gold diggers? I find it hard to believe, I thought most Eastern European women were very family oriented and wanted a gold stable man no matter what his age. I'm 48 and it's unfortunate but most younger American women have no intrinte in an older man, family or business. It's the reason I'm looking in latiL America and Eastern Europe.
I am looking a russian, ukrainian woman for mariage
поверьте мне,  в статье все именно так,  попробуй 60летний предложить молодой замуж,  тем более из Украины,  да,  уедут , но на этом ваше счастье кончится ;)
Mennif haki
Need freinds  
Eve Hunt
dating sites
:)  un ciao a tutti e tutte le donne del sito ho 65 anni anche se non li dimostro , vorrei potermi trasferire
in  ucraina oppure  russia  sul mare , purtroppo sono disabile alle gambe , cè una signora che vuole
fare conoscenza con me..
nel mio profilo ci sono foto attuali e spiegazioni ,Non mi interessa scrivere lettere su lettere x ­v>
fare la conoscenza reale , chi può essere interessata ,ne sarei contento,ovviamente se trovo  1 donna ­nt>
dolce , gentile , che mi accetti x quello che sono ,le sarò riconoscente , voglio sposarmi e vivere li,­nt>
dove troverò una sistemazione, sono in pensione x disabilità  SPORTIVA un abbraccio a tutti­>

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