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    eastern european dating siteI have looked through a lot of profiles of both men and Russian women, and now want to write about the most critical mistakes the men typically make. I am going to talk about your photographs. I often hear the girls form Russia and Ukraine complain about the men posting a way too bad pictures of themselves, so they even don't bother answering the letters from such individuals.

    The rule number one. Men like beautiful Russian women, dressed sexually, having long hair and on high heels. So, average looking women do not deserve the attention of the majority, everyone wants the woman he dreams of. But look at those photographs some men put in their profiles! If you desire to meet the woman of your dream then your should be aware that she is also looking for that perfect man. Her ideal man cannot be wearing a stretched T-shirt, because she is a Russian woman. Russian and Ukrainian girls pay too much attention to the way they look and so true their desires about the male subjects.

    If it is your wish to marry a girl from Russia or Ukraine, who looks like she is a model, then you are supposed to be wearing a suit, at least. That is why you should have your profile picture that advertises you as a respectable gentleman, so the female user would want to click and read more details from your profile.

    The rule number two. Do not make portraits of yourself holding camera at arm's length. Selfie is not good! Faces looked somewhat deformed in such self-portrait photographs and you don't look like you should appear in real life. Having no good picture of yourself is not a problem, just ask your friends to photograph you. However, the best advise is to make a portfolio. A professional photographer will accentuate your advantages whereas hiding your faults. A Slavic woman do not know how good and kind you are. If you post bad photos, you won't have a chance of being liked by a Russian woman, and she won't like to meet you and never know how faithful and careful a man you could possibly be.

    ukrainian dating siteThe rule number three. Take note that Russian women can be often seen in their pictures against some beautiful backdrops. It may seem that the majority of men won't notice the beauty of such places but believe me, the Russian woman will pay attention to every detail. If you are taking a picture of you, for example, sitting on a couch, while around there is a mess of things, or even worse, your house looks like it is gonna collapse because of being too old, then why on earth a woman would like to marry such a person? Will he be able take care of me and provide for our family, if he is not even capable of looking after his own home?

    So find some beautiful locations, take your seat in a beautiful armchair or somewhere outdoors, at the seaside, to shoot good pictures.

    The rule number four. Your photographs depicting you bare-chested or in a swimsuit, put as a user picture, are not recommended. When a woman from Russia watch such content, she thinks that it's only about sex such a half-naked male is dreaming of. Sure, men would like to see women with almost no apparel; many prefer them wearing nothing at all. However, women believe it the other way around. Russian women are pleased to look at handsomely dressed men; they notice every small detail, the watch on your hand, your shoes, glasses, and etc.

    If you have a good physique, then show it by putting on an appropriate sportswear. A tight tee shirt outlining your muscles will make you look more impressive and desirable compared to a bare-chested look.

    So, if you want women from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia to answer your letters, attach a few different photographs to your profile.

    - in suit and tie

    - in beautiful sportswear

    - in casual clean and beautiful wear

    - photos taken at beautiful locations: at the seaside, in mountains, beautiful nature, in your garden, inside a tidy and clean living room

    - do not put the photos where you are with your friends; women should not be looking for you among your company

    - the photos of you wearing sun glasses are not recommended; girls want to see your eyes.

    If you will follow these advices, you can receive much more positive replies from women from Eastern Europe.

    Good luck, Olesya.

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