Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement

1. This social networking and dating website ("Website" hereinafter) is an electronic dating and communication system managed by Tuyella company of Spain which is registered at: Ctra C-16, km 59, Sallent (Barcelona), Spain. ("Tuyella" hereinafter).

2. This Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement ("Agreement" hereinafter) is applicable to any use of the Website and to any messages, e-mails, and to any information posted using the Website or similar services managed by Tuyella ("Messages" hereinafter).

3. The Agreement is applicable to all websites hosted in Tuyella and RusDarling networks.

4. The Website can be accessed only by registered users over 18 years of age.

5. By using the Website you confirm that you have the right to accept and agree with this Agreement's terms and conditions.

6. You should not use this website if you do not agree with any of its terms and conditions.

7. Tuyella and RusDarling reserve the right to make changes to the Agreement at any time. You agree and undertake to review this page from time to time in order to avoid any misunderstanding due to unnoticed updates hereto. All changes become effective immediately when posted.

8. You should stop using Tuyella and RusDarling services if you do not accept or disagree with any updates to this Agreement. You accept new conditions by default if you continue using Tuyella and RusDarling services following an update.

9. By using the Website you consent that you have all necessary hardware, software and e-mail for Internet access for using the Website. You consent that Tuyella and RusDarling cannot be responsible for how the Website will function with your system.

Website Use Information

1. You can use the Website only for other than commercial purposes.

2. You cannot transfer your account to third parties without prior written consent of Tuyella or RusDarling.

3. You can use private information from otherr users of Tuyella or RusDarling only for dating or conversation purposes. You are prohibited to use personal information from users for commercial purposes, spam, for threatening and harassing other people.

4. Tuyella and RusDarling reserve the right to delete your account without giving prior notice in case you are using the information that you do not own.

When using the website you are prohibited to use the following content:

1. swear or offending words that humiliate other people;

2. pornography and other indecent images that may insult other people's feelings;

3. threats and incitements to racism, sexism, hatred and intolerance;

4. incitements to illegal activities, including terrorism, racial hatred, or posting of similar content, which is a criminal offense.

5. defamation;

6. commercial content (including any sales, advertisement of goods and other websites, chargeable phone numbers);

7. spam;

8. spyware and adware, viruses, corrupted files, computer worms or any other maleficent program code purposed to disturb or damage the proper functioning of any software, and servers: trojans designed to corrupt or illegally intercept any information (including personal one) through using Tuyella or RusDarling, or without their agency.

9. content that violates third party' rights (intellectual property and confidentiality rights);

10. use people if they do not give you the permission for distributing their images or personal data.

Tuyella and RusDarling shall not be held responsible for any content you post on this website.

Copyrighted content and trademarks

1. By registering with this Website you will transfer to Tuyella and RusDarling a non-exclusive right (common, non-exclusive license) to demonstrate, advertise, disseminate, copy, translate, edit the whole content you have added on this Website or transmitted to Tuyella and RusDarling for large audience, entirely or in parts, in any format and on any carrier available.

2. You consent we may demonstrate, make public, use further or advertise your image if it was posted by you on the website or submitted to Tuyella and RusDarling by any other means.

3. By uploading content on Tuyella or RusDarling you acknowledge that you are the exclusive owner of this material, and you disclaim your copyright regarding the material you have uploaded (including but not limited to any further right of authorship).

4. We reserve the right to disclose your personal details to the third party claiming the content you published on the Website violates their copyright, confidentiality right or any other law.

5. We reserve the right to transfer the license mentioned above to our affiliates and legal successors, without your consent.

6. You cannot use the content published on Tuyella and RusDarling on which you have no rights. You confirm that by your actions you are not violating the rights of third parties. This implies you will not copy, alter, distribute, publish or sell the content (except of your own content).


1. You use your login and password to sign in on the Website. You should keep them secret and not disclose to third parties without prior written consent of Tuyella or RusDarling.

2. If you have any suspicions that you password have been stolen, report to Tuyella or RusDarling immediately, for the responsibility of using your login and password is all yours, and neither Tuyella nor RusDarling shall be held liable in such cases.

3. Tuyella or RusDarlingAny always send messages only to the recipients or third parties who have the right to receive these messages.

4. Tuyella and RusDarling can send you automatic notifications and announcements. By signing up on the Website you agree to receive such notifications and you consent these notification may be generic.

5. You agree that Tuyella and RusDarling may cede to third parties the rights you have given to us.


1. Tuyella and RusDarling both provide dating and information services. All messages are transmitted and stored without selecting them or altering their content.

2. You give your consent that neither Tuyella nor RusDarling should check and monitor message contents and what materials they include.

3. All information in messages represents the point of view of their respective authors, neither of Tuyella and RusDarling, unless Tuyella and RusDarling claim otherwise. Tuyella and RusDarling bear no liability for any opinions and expressions written in messages.

4. Tuyella and RusDarling neither guarantee nor check on the accuracy and credibility of any information written in messages or posted on the Website, nor should they be responsible for any damage or losses incurred from using these materials.

5. All messages and all materials posted on the Website the content of which you do not like of find inappropriate should be reported to Tuyella or RusDarling .

6. Tuyella and RusDarling may delete, translate and edit messages at their own discretion.

7. Tuyella and RusDarling may use users' details and the content you post on the Website in the public domain for advertisement and other purposes.

8. You consent that you will not be posting or sending the following content by the agency of the Website:

1. illegal content subject to civil, criminal or administrative suctions;

2. any copyrighted materials;

3. content that includes spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or similar maleficent objects;

4. materials that contain abuse, pornography, aggression, defamation, calls for violence, hatred and racism;

5. any commercial messages other than provided by Tuyella and RusDarling;

6. materials that relate to illegal activities such as terrorism, harassments, gambling, or selling prescribed medications, weapons or drugs;

7. messages that addressed to users under 18 years of age, with the purpose of sexual abuse or dating them for subsequent abusive actions;

8. materials that contain any prohibited information such as passwords, medical materials, information classified by government or military , or any confidential details about any private persons;

9. materials that may damage the reputation of the Website, Tuyella and RusDarling.

You agree to protect Tuyella and RusDarling from any liability due to your using Tuyella' services and your messages.

Please be advised:

You take all risks from using the Website. When meeting other people through the Internet you should understand that people online may not be who they say they are. All users must be over 18 years of age, yet some users may provide untrue details, misbehave and offend against the law. Tuyella and RusDarling cannot neither check on users' information nor guarantee it to be true. You take whole responsibility of your actions when meeting other people. Tuyella and RusDarling advise you exercise caution and be careful when using our services for meeting other users. You accept this and take all the risks mentioned above. Tuyella and RusDarling ask you to be careful in disclosing your personal details, such as your full name, postal address, phone number, e-mail, job, and frequently visited locations.


1. Tuyella and RusDarling both provide dating and information services as they are.

2. Tuyella and RusDarling make no representations or warranties regarding the Website.

3. Tuyella and RusDarling shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage, loss of expected profit, direct loss with no limitation even if these occur due to circumstances known to Tuyella and RusDarling from your reports; and neither Tuyella nor RusDarling shall be obliged to pay any compensation in cases including but not limited to as follows:

- any inaccuracy in the content posted on the Website, and also due to possible breaks or delays in services;

- rights on third parties' intellectual property items violated by any person and resulted from using the Website;

- any loss caused by viruses or similar maleficent programs that can damage user's hardware and software, if such occur due to accessing and using the Website, or resulted from messages and emails received from Tuyella, RusDarling or their partners;

- for other sites' content, links to which may be provided on the Website;

- for unauthorized persons or third parties accessing and using any of your information published on Tuyella and RusDarling.

4. Tuyella and RusDarling give no warranty that the Website will operate continuously and with no errors.


1. Tuyella and RusDarling reserve the right to terminate this Agreement and immediately block you from accessing the Website, if you break any of the provisions hereof. This Agreement can be terminated by the decision of either of the parties.

2. The termination of the Agreement will not revoke the rights received by the Parties during its effective period.

3. Tuyella and RusDarling shall be free from their liabilities subject to this Agreement in case of force-majeure circumstances, such as Internet issues, equipment failure, fires, combat actions, flooding or other acts of God.

Chargeable services

Tuyella and RusDarling offer you the opportunity to use the Website to pay for certain services. Tuyella's and RusDarling's chargeable services will help you meet more people and receive attention from a wider audience. Upon registration, you may use pay services as long as you require them. By paying for a service you agree there is no refunding.

Account removal

You may cancel your account on Tuyella or RusDarling any time: Sign in with your account at Tuyella or RusDarling, then navigate to My Profile page and click on the "Delete my profile" link. Your profile, including all your messages, will be deleted from the Website permanently. However, the content you have uploaded to Tuyella, except your Profile (e.g. comments) will be viewable from Tuyella even upon account cancellation.

General terms and conditions:

1. If any rule from this Agreement cannot be applied, then it will be applied so far as practicable and as it was intended by the Parties according to Tuyella or RusDarling; while the remaining provisions of the Agreement remain in force.

2. The contents hereof is the entire agreement between you and Tuyella and RusDarling, It shall be used instead of and is superior to any other rules.

3. All disputes according to this Agreement are subject to the laws of Spain.

4. Tuyella or RusDarling and you will exercise best efforts for the settlement of disputes and differences arising during the effective period of this Agreement.

5. Disputes and differences not settled through negotiations shall be decided by the Spanish law.