Azhara 54years
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Azhara Offline (Was online long ago) 54 years, Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata
My character:

creative, intellectual, romantic, respectful, no soy cariñoso, undemanding,

Interests, hobby:

going to the movies, internet, to do craftwork, to read, to go to the sea, to go out to the nature, to walk, to travel, to write, to learn, to draw, photo, to make money, hiking,



I prefer housework:

to go buy food, to sort the house out,

I have a worker/workers in the house:


Personal information: ID: 44142 Date of birth:05.01.1970 Height: 172 cm / 5' 8" Weight: 53 kg / 116.8 lbs Marital status: never merried The children live with you: no I want to have children: I prefer not to say Education: unfinished high Profession: artist Socioeconomic status: medium Language: english, russian Another language: Турецкий Looking for: man, of 46 to 57 years, of 180 to 185 cm, with independent children

I love cats, drinking coffee ☕ at mornings, walking, reading books.. I'm introvert.