margaretsssss 45years
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margaretsssss Offline (Was online long ago) 45 years, Russia, Moscow
My character:

honest, successful, cheerful, faithful, caring, gentle,

Interests, hobby:

watch TV, internet, to meet friends, football, sports, dance,


dogs, horse,

I prefer housework:

to go buy food, to make the bed,

I have a worker/workers in the house:


Personal information: ID: 53399 Date of birth:17.09.1978 Height: 164 cm / 5' 4" Weight: 140 kg / 308.64 lbs Marital status: never merried Children: daughter (1999 year) The children live with you: no I want to have children: yes Education: special Profession: nurse Socioeconomic status: high Language: english Looking for: man, of 30 to 70 years, of 185 to 195 cm, without children

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