Evgenia 44years
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Evgenia Offline (Was online long ago) 44 years, Russia, Volgograd
My character:

adaptable, broadminded, with humor, not jealous, friendly, kind,

Interests, hobby:

internet, to read, to meet friends, to be with the children, shopping, to go to the sea, to go out to the nature, gardening, to drive a car, to be with the family, to travel, to learn, fitness, horseriding, cycling, gym, tourism,

Attitude towards money:

I like to spend money but always saving a part for any difficulty



I prefer housework:

to cook, to sweep/mop the floor, to go buy food,

I have a worker/workers in the house:


Personal information: ID: 6177 Date of birth:13.11.1979 Height: 170 cm / 5' 7" Weight: 59 kg / 130.1 lbs Marital status: divorced Children: daughter (2005 year) The children live with you: yes I want to have children: it depends on the couple Education: unfinished high Profession: engineer Socioeconomic status: medium Language: russian, italian Looking for: man, of 37 to 47 years, of 175 to 190 cm, with children

Incontrare loro uomo indipendentemente da chi sia, è colui che saranno sempre con te che ti ama per quello che si sono e non tenterà di cambiare te. Per i quali si sono andando a tendere verso l'alto e sempre meglio pensare con amore e tenerezza con cui si può ridere mentre non "stomaco burst" sopra qualche stupido scherzo. o semplicemente restare in silenzio, non pensare che cosa sarebbe riempire pausa.