• Miss RusDarling, September. Svetlana.

    Single Russian women Svetlana

    Miss RusDarling is just another opportunity to find a Russian girl of your dream. Once a week, we interview one of our girls who create an account on this site. Please don’t miss these Slavic beauties; we collect the best of the true-life stories with our brides from Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps, among them you will be able to find your true soul mate. Or maybe you’d like us to tell your story? Then write us and participate in our contest called Mister-RusDraling.

    Miss RusDarling- September. Svetlana.

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    • Miss RusDarling, June. Helene.

      Single Russian women Helene

      Miss RusDarling- June. Helene.

      What is the first thing you notice about men when you meet them?

      The way they look. For me it is really important and I never hide it from anyone. It is essential that he look after himself, be neatly dressed (his clothes may be simple but clean), in good shape, good looking, so I can like his face and eyes. Then I try to look into his character, upbringing, educational background, what he does for a living, which interests he has in his life, what he likes, his attitude to me, his moral virtues (careful, honest, kind, tender, not greedy, conscious, thoughtful).

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      • How to find your Russian bride in a week?

        How to find your Russian bride in a week?

        How much time do men spend on dating sites with Russian women before they meet their dream woman? A month, two, three, a year… There are men who have spent several years on correspondence with Russian women but with no result.

        I am going to tell you how to do it quickly and without risk of being deceived.

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