Miss RusDarling, June. Helene.

  miss rusdarling HelenWhat is the first thing you notice about men when you meet them?

The way they look. For me it is really important and I never hide it from anyone. It is essential that he look after himself, be neatly dressed (his clothes may be simple but clean), in good shape, good looking, so I can like his face and eyes. Then I try to look into his character, upbringing, educational background, what he does for a living, which interests he has in his life, what he likes, his attitude to me, his moral virtues (careful, honest, kind, tender, not greedy, conscious, thoughtful).

What does a man need to do for you to like him?

To be a gentleman, to understand that I’m a lady, to be romantic, know how to date, be attentive, open, sincere, sensible, and be a good friend.

Isn’t the Internet is a harder place to meet someone than in real life?

No it’s not. I mean if you are simply trying to meet someone. But then it’s getting hard to know each other closer as men are typically not sincere in what they tell about themselves; they just want to seem better and exaggerate. In real life, you witness the true of him, know how you feel when you’re next to him, see how he’s behaving, and understand actually a lot; all these things are no way possible in the Internet.

What could be your advice for a man who will want to meet you via an online dating service?

To be sincere in everything and know what he wants from his life, about his aspirations, and whether he wants to have a family.

Why do you want to meet a person from abroad?

Because there are no gentlemen in Russia anymore; they do not look after themselves in the majority. Finding a worthy candidate of your age has become a task almost impossible to solve.

What is your understanding of a perfect day in company with your beloved man?

It means being together, doing everything together with sympathy and love, to love and be loved.

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