It is one of the trips that we offer our most successful clients to find their partner. Travel to Grodno-Belarus to meet Belarusian girls from smaller cities and towns. On this trip you can meet girls accustomed to having the quieter life of a medium-sized city or a small town. If you live in a small town, this is the appropriate trip to meet your other half.

For Belarus it is not necessary to do the visa, if you will be there for no more than 5 days.
Prices From 3 days (2 nights) - € 1300
From 4 days (3 nights) - € 1400
From 5 days (4 nights) - 1500´- €
From 6 days (5 nights) - 1600´- €

They include:

Choice of women: you have to register with the agency and write down the references ONLY girls from Belarus that you want to meet. With the file you have to send us photos of yourself. Translation of your file: we translate your file and show it to all the girls on your list and, after a few days, we will tell you which of the girls will meet you.

We study your file: after studying your file, we will propose, or not, some other girls that we think may be compatible with you. If you are interested in meeting any of them, we add them to her list and we also ask her if she wants to go meet him.

The invitation to make the visa: in order to make the invitation for the visa, you have to send me your scanned passport and your full address. The transfer: a taxi will wait for you at the airport and take you to the apartment. Our translator (if you need one) will come to the apartment to pick you up and will take you to the office.

The apartment in the center of the city: all apartments are close to our office. They are very clean and comfortable.

Interviews with up to 10 girls: Normally in a 7-day trip, the man meets between 8 and 10 girls. In one day, it is possible to do a maximum of 5 interviews (the most normal are 3-4 interviews), an interview with the lady lasts approximately 1 hour.

You have to understand that almost all women have a job and the interview schedule depends on their working hours. It is not easy to link the interviews.

The translation: the translator for an hour during the interview with each girl.

Personalized assistance: throughout your stay we will help you with all your doubts and questions, you can always ask our staff about any doubt or issue, both about the girls and the city and tourism.

Does not include: the plane ticket and the visa (this is done at the airport). If you need the translator outside of the scheduled hours.

I also warn you that if a chosen girl does NOT live in Grodno, you would have to pay for her bus ticket, it is 30'- € (round trip). This price is not included in the price of the trip, you will have to give this money to the girl after interviewing her. But most of the girls are from Grodno. In the girls' file it is noted whether or not they are from Grodno, therefore, you will know if you should give this money to a girl or not.

A part of the total cost is paid here and another part in the Grodno agency.

1. When you decide that you are going to travel to Grodno, you have to make me a first payment of 100´- € (included in the total cost of the trip). If for any reason, finally, you do not make the trip, these 100'- are not returned.

2. In order to make the visa invitation, you have to send me your scanned passport and your full address.

3. Within a week I will send you the invitation. You will have to scan it and take it with you on the trip.

4. You have to fly to Minsk. When you arrive at the airport, you must show the invitation and give a passport-size photo and, right there, they will give you the visa.

5. If you have medical insurance, check if it is valid for Belarus and take it with you, if you do not have or it is not valid, you will have to buy a new insurance right there at the airport that costs approximately € 10.00. Keep in mind that, for the visa and medical insurance, you will have to pay in cash 90'- € (visa) and 10'- € (insurance), in total 100'- € that are not included in the total price of the trip .

6. A taxi driver from the Grodno agency will wait for you at the airport and will take you to Grodno. It is 2-3 hours of travel.

7. You will live in an apartment in the center of the city, it is very comfortable.

8. The translator will come to pick you up at your apartment and will accompany you to the agency.

9. All interviews are done at the agency, each interview lasts one hour and is done with the translator. There you can have tea or coffee with cookies, it is included both for you and for the girls.

10, If you, on any occasion, want to hire a translator, know that each hour

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